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Specialist in Written Communication

Extensive training, skills, and 30+ years of experience gives you access to proven expertise in writing, editing and proofreading texts.

Same Text, Different Language

In-house technical support allows us to provide you with a mirror image copy of your original text, in another language.

Science or Art ?

Is Translation a Science? Yes.

Professional language specialists follow recognized rules, methods and practices.

Translators are skilled in the use of document and language resources to ensure accurate and consistent terminology.

The vocabulary used complies with accepted usage in the specific field.

Is Translation an Art? Yes.

A good translation is characterized by a particular quality that essentially conveys the author's voice.

Good translators have a sense of style, a mastery of the language and can read between the lines to understand the meaning of a text.

Of course, machines can translate too! However, to see the true value of a human interface for the art of translating, type a simple sentence into any translation tool on the Internet. Once the translation appears in the target language, whether it be French, Spanish or Swahili, copy and paste the sentence back into the tool, and translate it back into English. You see? While the machine may assist at times, a trained and talented professional is more likely to accurately convey your message.

Translation is both Science AND Art!


Google Translation Example: 

Original sentence - If the pilot picks us up in Fontainebleau will the pilot also bring us back to the train after the flight?


Translation - Si le pilote vient nous chercher à Fontainebleau sera le pilote nous amener à la gare après le vol?


Re-translation - If the driver picks us up at Fontainebleau will be the driver take us to the station after the robbery?

Founder & CEO

Nadine Lalonde
Traductions ZipZap Translations

Nadine Lalonde, Translator Specialist Extrodinarie & CEO of Traduction ZipZap Translations, and here is her story.

A year prior to graduating from Laurentian University's School of Translators and Interpreters in1987 with a Bachelor of Science in Language, Nadine Lalonde established her freelance language services business. She was on the Dean's list and was awarded a Certificate of Bilingualism with Honours. Specializing in French and English translation, Nadine has over 100 clients from the private sector, government agencies, and community organizations that benefit from her many years of professional experience.

In 2006, Nadine and Traductions ZipZap Translations were recognized by the Francophone community of Simcoe County for contributing to improving the quality of the French language in the area. The Award was sponsored by one of ZipZap's loyal and long time clients, North Simcoe Community Futures Corporation.

Working with Nadine and the ZipZap Translation Team gives you access to dependable and proven skills in drafting texts from English to French and vice versa without changing the content, tone or style of the original message. Nadine is known for the speed and quality of her work, and for her passion for culture and communication.

What People are Saying


Executive Director

Ontario Early Years Centre

Dear Nadine, Thank you for your support, dedication and friendship through the years!!

Thank you for sharing your expertise and our passionate commitment to support families and children in our communities.

Thank you for the contribution  you have made to our success..

With heartfelt thanks and gratitude.



Midland Community

Garden Committee

Thank you so much for your translation work of our Midland Community Garden brochure. Your gift of expertise and time was greatly appreciated.

We are so grateful for all the wonderful individuals and organizations like yourself who have come forward to help us "seed" this wonderful community project.


O.T. Reg. (Ont.)
Director, Health Records and Clinical Infrastructure

Thanks so much Nadine – really appreciate your thoroughness on these documents. I will review in the next couple of days and send out.

I don’t know if I’ve ever told you but our Francophone partners –school board liaisons  who deal with a number of agencies always commend us on our translations – thanks for making CTN look good!






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